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Phone Tapping 101. Lesson 1 of 5

The Basic "Tap"
Step 1. Get your Sh*t together! Assemble all your materials in one place. It's never good to have to go hunting for parts halfway though a project.

For this phone tap you will need :
One DSL filter One 2 output wire DSL filter/spliter or similar device. 3.5 audio jack wire. (Preferibly male-to-male ends.) A recording device. A sodering iron. Sharp hobby knife.

Step 2. Crack the case!

Open the case to The DSL spliter/filter. Be careful not to break it in half. Opening them might be hard if you dont have good tools. I opened mine by melting along the line where the case was snaped together. (If you try this method be sure to be in a well ventalied area wearing proper eye and breathing protection.)

Here's what it ought to look like inside.

Step 3. Skinning your kill. Basically what it sounds like. After openning the case do your best to pull the board out with componets attached. Becareful not to break anything.

Step 4. Gutting it. Now that you've got the circut board showing it's time to make use of that soldering gun again. See the two (2) solder points between the plastic conectors? Desolder those points and take off the input jack.

Step 5. Cut the cord. I'm this step you need to cut the male-to-male audio cable. There ought to be two indivually covered cords, one red, one white. There is also wire inside the outer covering, push this to one side and cut it out of the way. I can perfectly strip audio cables with a hobby knife but in my expereince it's got a bit of a learning curve and may result in casulties. Play it safe, get a wire stripper.

Step 6. Tag it... In this step you'll add the audio jack so you can listen in. Remmber the two Points where you de-soldered the jack from Step 3? Poke the stripped ends of the audio wire though the holes and solder them in.

Step 6. And Bag It! Put everthing back inside the case. You may have to cut a small hole for the cord if it doesn't...


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