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I will be writing an essay about the atomic bomb. If I think the dropping of the atomic bomb was the right thing to do, or was it the wrong. I will be giving reasons to support my opinions. An atomic bomb is a bomb whose explosive force comes from a chain reaction based on nuclear fission in u- on plutonium. The first atomic bomb was dropped on the august 1945; it was dropped on the Japanese city of Nagasaki by aeroplanes. The second bomb was dropped in Hiroshima, they lost 70,000 people. After the second bomb was dropped, Japan had surrendered.

The war between Japan and America all started because Japan had dropped bombs on every single ship in pearl harbour at 7:55 am, they also dropped bombs on the barracks and airfield lands. They did that because they wanted to destroy the America in a go, so they could conquer territory. America had no choice but to go in to war with them, because they knew Japan would not stop until they got what they wanted; which was oil.                                                                            

The ‘Cold war’ is the name given to the relationship that developed primarily to the USA and USSR after the WW2. The USA and USSR were both together against Nazi Germany during the Second World War, but at the end of the war, they fell out, because USA was capitalists and USSR was communist countries. They both had their own way of living, and both thought theirs was the right way. USSR took control of a large part of Eastern Europe, after the war, they helped them countries to set up communist governments. They both built nuclear weapons to threaten each other; they improved their way of delivering the bombs. First bomb was dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima from aeroplanes as I said before, but soon, both sides had developed missiles that could be fired thousands of miles by rockets. Even though USA and USSR were enemies, they never had fought directly, a ‘hot war’ never...


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