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Teenagers Should Be Denied Pocket Money

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With the development of our modern society, people living condition become much more comfortable. This means parents have less time to consider children needs in around, so they give them some pocket money. There are two point of views about the pocket money. Some people believe that giving teenage students money will make them become luxurious. Others think that will not lead to such disadvantages. However, in my opinion, both of them are reasonable somehow.

Firstly, the sooner teenage student learn good financial habits, the more likely they are to keep them when they get older. There are some positive lessons they can learn when give them pin money. It teaches them how to manage money efficiently and make tough decision. For example; when a teenager want expensive things like an IPod or Kindle…, they have to ask themselves some questions. Whether this device is necessary or not? If it is essential, do I has enough money to afford it? That means they have to consider careful before give a selection. Sometimes, they need to find any jobs such as household chores, babysitting, and newspaper distribution… to get extra money. By doing this, young adult can recognize the value of money and how hard their parents are work to get it.

Nevertheless, we cannot denied some disadvantages in spending pocket money in adolescence. First, pocket money encourages unhealthy habit. School-going children will spend it on unusable things like adult’s magazines, brands clothes, accessory, domestic, drinks, and smoking. Second, the amount of allowance which teens receive every day from parents also make them feel inferiority complex. For instance, the young adults who live in poor family will demand more money because they don’t want lose their peers, especially rich kids. If financial condition cannot meet, it can makes teenagers suffer from stress as well as depression.

In conclusion, giving pocket money for young student is also have pros and cons. Nonetheless, there is no...


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