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The Color of Paradise, Film Analysis, Review and Critc

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The color of paradise

At a momentary glance ‘the color of Paradise’ appears to be a film revolving around a blind boy by the name of Mohammad. However, as the chronicle unfolds, it becomes obvious that the father to the boy is the innermost character, a profoundly distressed chap who blames God for his ill fate. The boy’s father set his mind to wedding an influential woman from a wealthy family, but feels embarrassed to let her know about his blind son. While rebelling against the will of the boy’s grandmother, Mohammad’s father feels that apprenticing him to the blind carpenter, in a bid to master the art of trade, could eliminate his disgrace to the family (Ebert). This paper will discuss in details about the setting, the plot, the sound and the reality of the situation in the movie.

The setting of the film is unique in its own ways. When the social media is highly obsessed with portraying Iran as a country where reform movements and revolutions abides, the film rings a bell for the world to realise that there exists another side to the beautiful realm. 'Rang-e Khoda' exhibits the beauty of such a life through the simplified occurrences of daily life in Iran. None of the shots is theatrical. Every setting looks authentic and raw while the Persian scenery is astounding. The cinematography is overwhelming with attractive flowers and green farms of Wheat. The green countryside of Iran is magnificent, giving serenity to the eyes of the observer. (Majidi, “The Color of Paradise”).

      The plot of the movie revolves around the two main characters, Mohammad and his father.   After school closes, Mohammad patiently waits for his father to come and pick him up for a vacation in summer. As he waits for his father to pick him up, he sees a baby bird that fell down from a tree and returns it back after having chased a predatory cat away from the bird. Finally, his father shows up and takes him to the village, where his two sisters...


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