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A Healthier Alternative

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A Healthier Alternative
All across the country, schools are wanting to change their lunch plan to a meal that is much healthier. The fat and grease that is found in most school lunches are a factor to the rising rate of obesity and health problems of children and teens. There are many alternatives to changing the outcome of American children, and one is having a healthier school lunch program. High schools should provide healthier school lunches because they will reduce the obesity problem in America, give kids the energy they need to stay focused in class, and receive good nutrition from having a well balanced meal.
Research has shown that high levels of salt, fat and sugar in school lunches have contributed to the nationwide childhood obesity epidemic. According to Colorado State University, children who are overweight have increased risks of developing health problems, including diabetes and hypertension, and becoming obese adults. Today, more than one-third of people under age 19 are overweight or obese (Wittman). Around 151,000 of these people have Type 2 diabetes, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control (Millimet). In the 2012-2013 school year, the USDA debuted a new school lunch menu with higher nutritional standards in hopes to lower the child obesity high rate. The revised standards included smaller portion sizes, twice as many servings of produce and only fat-free or low-fat milk (Chernis). Since the change in school lunches across the country, the obesity rate has dropped in 18 states (Weinberg).
Also, not only will the obesity rate of American children progressively drop, kids will stay focused and awake in class. When learning information in school, the brain uses glucose supplied from the body. In order to refuel children’s glucose supply, they must eat a healthy lunch. A healthy lunch includes whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and protein. A combination of these foods is what it takes to keep children focused and help them learn...


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