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The Road by Cormac

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Tracie Peterson-Hanna
Contemporary Literature

Cormac’s writing style in this book is has two main points: It is a visceral novel with strong and powerful words that evoke so much emotion in the reader. This novel was right up my ally, I enjoyed Cormac’s style and the story of a father and son endearing hell and trying to survive in a war-like rumble that is a highway in America. Cormac describes the story so well that it pulls at your heart and you feel what these characters are going through.  
Some parts of this novel were just frightening, he describes horrible events that make you stomach turn. He wants the reader to be immersed in the violent consequences of this apocalyptic disaster. He describes scenes of human slaughtering, slavery, displaying human remains like trophies, and even showing an infant being cooked on a barbecue spit. He writes that the people that do these awful acts are “bad people“, but also they are people trying to survive this hell on earth. Most of all the kind and peaceful people have died or disappeared leaving behind ruthless, horrible people. These people will also do anything to survive. Cormac describes everything this father and son go through so well that you can actually feel the physical and mental anguish of these two people. They witness the lose of many animals that once roamed the land and saw how there world around them crumbled into nothing. Cormac really makes you the feel the sense of survival, longing, and heartbreak that this son and father endure. I love that along with this story of a crazy cannibalistic America, there is a story of love. The love that the father and son have for each other and that with this love they can survive the most awful situations.  
In America today, some people are preparing for the apocalypse. Most people are not sure how the world will end, but these days most people like to think it will be because of war or zombies. Whatever the reason or type of ending, some people are...


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