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Autobiography of a Shoe

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Old,tattered and muddy, lying in the corner of a beggar's house,sometimes memories of my youth days creep in my mind. So bright and handsome I was, when I was kept in that expensive showroom after being manufactured under the name of a very well known brand.It made me the first choice of many rich and famous men. While lying on the shelf of the showroom, I got acquainted with the pair of shoe lying next to me . We kept talking to each other whole day long. We often made fun of customers who used to visit the showroom.

Once, there came a rich businessman. He was a middle-aged gentleman. He purchased me as soon he spotted me. I was nervous and excited at the same time. My master paid the prize and put me on. I bid my friend good-bye and walked out. My master sat in his luxury car. It felt great to see the outside world after spending a couple of days inside the showroom.

After a short comfortable drive we reached my master's house. His house was no less than a palace.I thanked God for bestowing me with such a fortunate life. My master was a busy man. I was lucky enough to visit many different countries along with him. I was always well-polished and had no worries of being dragged on dirty roads as my master always travelled in expensive cars and planes.  I also had ample time to take rest as my master had a number of shoe pairs.

Time passed by and I started losing my shine and color. After a passage of time, my master bought a new shoe pair for himself. Now he preferred to wear them for most of his business trips. I was jealous of our new companion.

To my horror, I was handed over to one of the servants of my master's house. He never took good care of me and hardly washed me. I looked horrifying and smelt awful. I was made to walk on rocky streets and muddy lanes. Sometimes banged against the walls and sometimes stepped over by high-heeled sandals, I was badly hurt. I wept for being in such a pitiful condition. I knew, life won't get better, it would just...


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