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Barbie Doll / Critical Response

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Barbie Doll

November the 5th, 2013

      On the 35th anniversary of Barbie Doll, Anna Quindlen   published   the article “Is she a Good model for Youngsters?” in   the New York Times.
In this article the author portrays her insight, feelings, views and beliefs   about the negative influence of Barbie Doll on little girls, with evident destructive consequences on   all their whole lives.
She tries to convey the idea that   while the   little girls can not   conscious, realize   and prevent the negative impact Barbie lays on them, innocently considering it “just a toy”, She also tries to prove this and renders the idea that the society should do smth to stop the manufacturer from producing   them“, in spite   of the   increased and continued demand of the little girls to have it by no means.
        The author voice sounds angry and loud , warnful and powerful, that is revealed by her negative attitude and expressed by the words” I hate Barbie, she is a terrible role model”. .
      Apparently, the author’s notes are based on her own perceptions and on the latest one side research study,   performed by the University of Arizona. The Study investigated and evaluated   the attitude of white and black teenagers   towards their body images. “90% of white girls expressed dissatisfaction” with their own bodies, while the black girls tended to be more realistic, being satisfied with their weight, shape and looks.  
      It’s difficult for me as foreigner, coming from a different educational, cultural and social background to criticize or to support the author’s negative point of view and attitude about the above related argument .   Ultimately each personality and character is sharpened   by the culture‘ traditions and customs, rules and regulations, rights and obligations, permits and restrictions, language, family, social and environment. Each has particular advantages and disadvantages which as a result mold the personalities as a whole. .
    From my alien...


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