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Pictures are Worth a Thousand Word
Communication takes place when two individuals are exchanging thoughts, feelings, emotions, and nonverbal.   However, before there was no written language or alphabet people use to communicate message through pictures.   Which is why we say, “Pictures are worth a thousand words” because many people can express feelings, and emotions through the pattern of their drawings compare to speaking people can get a message through just by using one or two words.   Now pictures are worth a thousand words because what the artist perceives about their drawing is different from the perception of other individuals.
This picture is a reflection of how I feel deeply inside of me.   As my girlfriend always tells me, “no one knows you better than you know yourself”.   As time passes I have come to realize what she meant by that is without my parents here next to me no one inside my family will be able to understand me, not even my twin brother, my older siblings, or even my friends will be able to feel my pain and understand me for who I am.   Therefore, this art is dedicated to the most important people in my life, the ones who were there next to me when I was sick; who held my hand and watched me took my first step and lastly the ones who understands me better than anyone else, and these two are my one and only my lovely parents.  
Inside this picture I am the one who is sitting on the rock facing the ocean, watching the sun sinks slowly at the bottom of the ocean while I sat there waiting to welcome the of the king of the night which is the moon.   As I watch the sun slowly, fade away, the memory of my parents hit me so bad that I did not realize my eyes was fill with tears.   The tears that were strolling down my face made me realize I was all by myself in the middle of nowhere, so deep inside my feelings and my thoughts.   While my thought of my parents grow stronger   about how I miss my parents in how they use to scold me, correct my right from...


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