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Advancement/Development of Technology Because of Consumer Demand in the 21st Century

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Because of consumer demand, the general development in technology has increased, electronics in the Twentieth Century have had major improvements and are extremely common amongst society. There is much evidence to back up my point, starting with the advancement of the first radio/televisions in the 19th century. Moreover, the development of the phone is also apparent in the 21st century.   Lastly, I will talk about the main cause of this development; consumer demand. These are all points supporting or explaining why the general development in technology in the Twentieth century have had major improvements and are now extremely common.
The advancement of the radio/television since the 19th century is proof of the development in technology now in the twentieth century. The first FM radio was invented in 1933 by Edwin Howard Armstrong, they were not given practical use until in 1947, the transistor was invented and still they were extremely uncommon for people to have. (Great Achivements) In the 1950s, engineers designed cathode-ray tube for television monitors. Finally in 1968, 200 million television sets were in operation worldwide. In 1978, 98% of American homes owned a television yet with 78 percent owning a color with broadband availability in mainly urban areas.   Now in the twentieth century, there is 100% broadband availability in urban areas and about 85% in rural areas, this is a major improvement especially in rural areas.   The quality of television sets has also improved in the twentieth century with the development of LCD, HD and even 3D television sets. Not to mention that TVs are found in every household and are a common-everyday item now. This advancement on television has impacted Canada so it is more reliant on television or technology in general for things like news, entertainment or work. That is how there was a major advancement of the radio/television since the 19th century and how it impacted Canada.
Furthermore, the development of phones is...


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