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Real Women Essay

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Have you ever looked up to someone, hoping to be them someday? I have. That is my neighbor Yajaira Maldonado. She has a very interesting life story. She has accomplished many goals by the help of her outstanding parents. She is focused, determined, and kind hearted. She is determined to reach her goal by not giving up and giving it her all.
    Yajaira attended Dickinson High School; she was part of the marching band, softball team, and Spanish club. She was in the marching band in high school for four years, she also played the clarinet. She really enjoyed performing with the marching band in high school during football games. She was of the softball team for two years and her position was the center field. She was part of the Spanish club for two years to, where she gained a lot of knowledge of the culture.
    Yajaira loves the medical field; she enjoys going to work as a nurse every day. Her favorite part of her job is helping patients when they have a dilemma. Becoming a nurse is a dream come true for Yajaira. Yajaira works long shifts with no complaints because she enjoys making a difference in patient’s lives.
    Yajaira has a very strong personality. She also stands up for herself and the ones she cares for. She speaks her opinion and respects others. When people are in need she always wants to help as much as possible. She also speaks her thoughts in regarding safety issues in community meetings.
      My neighbor is not just a neighbor she is like my friend and a role model. By becoming a nurse, she has earned a lot of respect and accomplished major goal of hers. I am pleased to have a person to look up to besides my mom. She is a brilliant person to go to. With all her focus, determination, and with a big heart, she can do almost anything. Yajaira Maldonado is a skillful person a gift from god!


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