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I don't owe you hoes no respect ! Rotate bitch ! Rotate hoe you goofy ! Bitch she's sheet , rotate hoe ! I fucks with who fucks with me, you ont Fuck with me ion fuck with you , fuck you thought ? Rotate baby. Graveyard pussy . Dessert dry pussy . Niaggra falls ass pussy.   I shoulda been checked you , but I let chu get mad disrespectful . Bitch u a non factor . Non motherfuckin factor . Ya weave stiff. Yeah stiff boo , It dnt move . I'm a bad bitch cause I say Im bad , plain and simple . Handle yours my nigga . Get in that shit . I want the fade bitch . Lets go head up . I'm too fly for this shit . Bitch , fly ✌. Solo dolo. Woah hol up , who pussy stink round here ? Cauz abigail Gardere wash her punani everyday of every week of everymonth so fly bitch ! Stfu witcha loose ass pussy. I murk ya ass bitch , gon get cracked in the dome. I ain't gotta sneak diss no bitch , ya could line the fuck up .why yo pussy look like It lift weights .   Pussy look like raw meatloaf . Bitch lookin like Chris bosh in the face . Away with you bitches . Trigga happy . All these niggas hatin, tell me one thing, what cho pockets bout? Awwwww shit shawdy in this bitch , keep the iron so I'm never wrinkled in this bitch . Bitches (hoes) stare when we in attendance . Bronx style Rolex , quick like Boflex. Hoe bitch . Hoe head ass bitch , silly rabbit. Had to drop that bang today shawdy you already know . You comin of wreck tho . You ain't bout shit . what it isz, wassup,wassup, got cho nigga in the cut . Polo Ground , A$AP World , Haaaaaaaan'. Old ratchet ass bitch , that's why yo weave made outta donkey hair Crazy how fast mfs change. I'm clearin my name today . I dnt kiss ass for a livin. LMFAO! Whoop my ass about it then bitch . You a hoe bitch . #LifePartnerGang LBG baby. ✋Skit daddle . Fuck these bitches and niggas , be about ya money and dinner. Lil baby , lil ma, lil mama , lil bug ,Babygirl. Snakeskin pussy. Come see me . You won't come see me tho . Never said I liked it norr wanted...


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