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The Constitution

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Annie Nguyen
The United State has been based on foundation of Popular Sovereign, Rule of Law and Tolerance. Those ideas have become so strong to build a new society. Here comes the question: How have the concepts of Popular Sovereignty, Rule of Law, and Tolerance developed through time?
What are Popular Sovereignty, Rule of Law, and Tolerance? Popular Sovereignty is government based on the consent of the people. Government established by free choice of the people, is expect to serve the people, who has sovereignty, or supreme power. We the people give the government permission to rule over us but we can also control who we have in our office. Popular Sovereignty is replaced with language, religion and race. Secondly, Rule of Law is very important because the Rule of Law is a component that helps achieve justice, it brings justice to nation. In government, justice means we, the United Sates have a legal system. We are all treated equally and should know our legal system. This component is one of the most important ones we have. Lastly, Tolerance is allowing people to do what they want even if you do not like it. Tolerance is to recognize and respect the rights, beliefs, or practices of others. To put it another way, Tolerance means freedom. After the American Revolution, freedom has been the first priority that our Founding Father stresses. Freedom was the most dominate reason, including freedom of speech, freedom to vote, and freedom of religion. Three of the ideas play an essential and substantial role to build the liberalism and peaceful country. The Constitution is one of the most important living documents we still have today.
Every year, we have a very special day to all of us celebrate throughout the United States, Independence Day, July 4th, 1776. This is a great example of these three very important pillars in the constitution. The Treaty of Paris, the Constitution, President Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen...


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