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Oil and Gas Importance

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Oil and Gas conservation and their relevance in our daily life

* Oil and Gas are both very important resources in our daily life....that's why we should conserve both and make the best out of our resources,Here are some daily life conservation tips.... 

1) If your just 1 or 2 people use the city bus instead it will get to where you need to go and it will burn less fuel(Eg:200 cars burn lets say about 3000 liters of gas when a city buss will provide transport for the same number of people in just lets say about 50 liters of gas) 

2)When cooking try not to leave the gas running if your not making any use of it 

3)Try to combine your errands into fewer trips. Instead of running out several times a week, try to make all of your stops in one well-planned trip. 

4)Pump up your tires. Keep your tires inflated to the manufacturer's recommendations. Soft, under-inflated tires make the car work harder, burning more gas. 

Make the best use of your resources cause one day you might just wake up to find out that your all out of natural resources.Conserving our resources isn't hard if we put a little effort to it. 

* Oil and natural gas touch our lives in countless ways every day. Together, they supply more than 60 percent of our nation’s energy. They fuel our cars, heat our homes and cook our food.oil and natural gas also help generate the electricity that powers our daily lives! 

Getting regular tune-ups will not only make your car more reliable, it will make it burn gas more efficiently, too. Be certain that your air filters are clean--diminished air flow will cost you money at the pump. 

* We need to conserve oil and gas as these natural resources are overused and therefore may become depleted in the future. As a result this is why many people are investigating other alternative sources of energy and power, such as wind and solar power. 

* I think there are several good reasons to conserve oil and gas in our daily lives. 

1. Oil and gas are...


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