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Franklin Delano Roosevelt

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Brooklyn Jenkins
Mr. Mazareigos
13 NOV 13
Franklin Delano Roosevelt
Born in Hyde Park, New York on January 30th, 1882 as the distant cousin of Theodore Roosevelt; was Franklin Delano Roosevelt. He was born into a wealthy family and was well-educated by home tutors until the age of fourteen, where he began attending Groton School. Roosevelt was a successful student at Harvard and Columbia Law Schools before being admitted to the New York bar in 1907. (Spartacus Educational)
In 1905, he married his cousin, Eleanor Roosevelt. Like Franklin, she was a Democrat and took a strong interest in politics. Five years later, he was elected into the New York senate. Roosevelt upset the party bosses by supporting a rebel Democrat as New York’s senator. His dissent group received a lot of publicity and he became a well-known figure in New York politics. Roosevelt’s abilities were brought to the attention of President Woodrow Wilson, and in 1913, he was appointed Secretary of the Navy, a post he would hold for the next six years. Woodrow Wilson and other Democratic leaders were impressed with Roosevelt’s achievements during the difficult time period.
By the time the United States had entered World War I in 1917, Roosevelt had the country’s naval plants and yards working efficiently. During the war, he helped to devise the plans for the battle of the North Sea which broke the effectiveness of German U-boat warfare. Roosevelt also attended the Paris Peace Conference, but was highly critical of the Versailles Treaty. He believed that the effort to make the world safe for democracy had resulted in making the world safe for the old empires. In 1920 the Democrat candidate for president, James Middleton Cox, selected Roosevelt as his running-mate. Warren Harding, the Republican Party candidate, won the election by a wide margin, 60.3% to 34.2%. However, Roosevelt was considered by many to have been an effective campaigner and was picked out as a future president....


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