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Alternate Forms of Fuel

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Alternate Forms of Fuel
In the future all of our countries fossil fuels will be depleted and we will need to have alternate forms of fuel. In this search we will also need to figure which new fuel sources will be most effective. When we look to what renewable energy sources that have already been discovered; hydrogen fusion and solar fusion were what we found. Which energy source was better? Which energy source was more dynamic and consistent?
The process of hydrogen fusion is when water is converted to energy. Because the car runs on hydrogen molecules and not just water (which is one part hydrogen and two parts oxygen), then the molecules must be separated. Water is injected into a hydrogen converter and the Hydrogen molecules are separated from the oxygen molecules. The hydrogen fusion car is known as a, “zero emission vehicle” because when the vehicle is running the only thing emitting from the car is water. Because our planet is made up of about 70 percent water and it’s renewable, we can safely say this energy source will remain abundant among the planet for years to come. While it sounds like a great fuel source we must remember that all good things have a drawback somewhere. The hydrogen car may give off zero emissions; it requires distilled water in order to perform best. Also cars must be refitted and redesigned to handle the water fusion process.
Solar fusion is a process in which solar rays are converted into energy by means of a solar panel (also known as a photovoltaic cell). The solar panel absorbs photons from the sun. Then the photons are turned into energy and passed through into the device being powered. For this instance we will discuss solar fusion on a solar powered car. When the solar energy is passed to the car, the car can now run and be operated like a normal car. So long as the sun is shining on the solar panels the car can run. While the solar fusion seems like a fantastic idea; the idea also comes with a great downside. “So long...


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