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Have You Realized the Sunharmonic Mixer so Far?

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Along with the increasing popular of mining project, more and more people invested in producing stone crusher machine for mining process. And with the development of mining machinery industry, there are many kinds of mining machines in the market, But do you know the harmonic mixer or the subharmonic mixer?

As a matter of fact, The harmonic mixer and subharmonic mixer are a type of frequency mixer, which is a circuit that changes one signal frequency to another. The ordinary mixer has two input signals and one output signal. If the two input signals are sinewaves at frequencies f1 and f2, then the output signal consists of frequency components at the sum f1+f2 and difference f1−f2 frequencies.

A subharmonic mixer that has two switching stages is used to improved mixer gain in a direct downconversion receiver. The first switching stage mixes a received RF signal to an intermediate frequency that is one-half the received RF signal frequency. The second switching stage mixes the intermediate frequency to baseband. By connecting the two switching stages in series, current is reused and harmonic content from the first stage is fed into the second stage thereby improving the mixer gain.

In contrast, the harmonic and subharmonic mixers form sum and difference frequencies at a harmonic multiple of one of the inputs. The output signal then contains frequencies such as f1+kf2 and f1−kf2 where k is an integer.

A full wave rectifier, for example, is good for making a doubler. To produce a times-3 multiplier, the original signal may be input to an amplifier that is over driven to produce nearly a square wave. This signal is high in 3rd order harmonics and can be filtered to produce the desired x3 outcome.

Subharmonic mixers are often used in direct-digital, or zero IF, communications system in order to eliminate the unwanted effects of LO self-mixing which occurs in many fundamental frequency mixers. Used in frequency synthesizers and network analyzers.



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