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The Doctor

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Professionalism when communicating in the healthcare setting is very important. Nonverbal behaviors is the most important thing in a healthcare setting. Nonverbal behaviors are the observations that others may conclude about an individual. This aspect is a very helpful skill to obtain. What a person wears is just one of many examples of a nonverbal behavior. A neutral position of behavior is another example that is defined as the body’s natural position, having your hands relaxed down at your sides. This is very important when relaying messages to your patients. Patients want to feel comfortable, at home, and know that their well-being is in good hands of the provider. There are three basic elements of communication message, sender, and receiver. A message is an example of your knowledge as a professional, which is the most important of the three. The sender is your role as a professional, and finally the receiver is to allow all boundaries to understanding. Understanding what message there is to send and making sure that the patient the receiver has an understanding on what is happening to their health. This could also go the other way, the healthcare provider could be the receiver as well.
In the film, The Doctor, William Hurt plays a selfish, arrogant, rich doctor (Jack McKee) that has it all and has no problem letting that be known. Dr. McKee used facial expressions, part of kinetics, to let his patients know he was cocky and rude. When the doctor entered a patient’s room, as intent for a follow up on a previous surgery, he made no eye contact and his gestures and posture was not professional. Along with his poor communication, he treated the patient as someone on the street, and compared her to a play boy bunny when she mentioned her scar down the middle of her chest, in which her husband was concerned about. Not only was he out of line for saying such, he also made the patient feel low and unsatisfied about her body.
Another instance was when Dr. McKee...


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