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The Benefits of Reading

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Reading is a great source of knowledge. It can give us ideas about other cultures and places of the world. And you can gain a lot experience from other people. It also gives us new perspective on everything.

Reading will expand your vocabulary.

Reading will strengthen your memory.
There is a research done by Dr. Stephen krashen and it’s about delaying dementia. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer disease. There is no cure for the disease, which get worse as it progresses, and eventually leads to death. The symptoms are memory loss, mood changes and problems with communication.

Most often people get it when they reach their seventy’s.
Alzheimer’s is predicted to affect 1 person in 85 people globally.
Dr. Stephen krashen discovered two factors that can reduce the possibility of getting dementia.

The first one factor is bilingualism. The definition of bilingual is to be able to speak two languages.

The second one is reading.
And you can do the two factors at the same time. Reading a book in English.

My first experience was a year ago. I tried to read a novel, but It was very difficult. I tried to read the first page and I couldn’t understand anything. There were more than twenty words that I didn’t know the meaning of. And I just like couldn’t keep on reading. Cuz it was very tiring and not enjoyable.
If you want to enjoy reading, you shouldn’t need a dictionary to read a book.

My second   experience was six months ago. And this time I read one of the graded readers.
graded readers are stories that are categorized into levels. From beginner to advanced. I read an intermediate book. It was understandable, easy, enjoyable, short book.  
I read it very quickly without a dictionary.
If you are a beginner like me, then I would recommend graded readers

You could find them in bookstores. And there are also CDs that come with the book. You can listen and read at the same time, that will improve your pronunciation.


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