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Immigration Essay

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“We are going to America,” my father said to my mother on the phone.
I was five years old. I was struck with a big lump of pain . it was too much to handle, it felt like i was betraying my family in Israel by going away. Childish and young, i hated my father at that moment. Even though i knew he was working hard to transition us to the United States, it was still difficult.   Eight months later i found myself on a plane with my baby brother and mother. Everybody on the plane seemed like they were from a different planet by the way they drivel. The long obstacles we faced in the 13 hour period trip was crucial, till we landed.
When we arrived, he seemed like a stranger, it seemed like i didn't even know him but I did because he was my father.   I had’nt seen him in two years but he had everything organized and seemed like he was doing everything correct. The first day in the States was pretty entertaining, i adapted quickly when my father bought me the new Playstation 2, and put it on our 2 bedroom apartment in the North end of Hartford. It was scary living there because i didn’t know anyone, and it seemed very intimidating and scary to walk the streets.   While i was in the States i thought money was easy to get because my father spoiled me the first few days, but then i realized he was gone most of the time, working at the dollar store from 7 in the morning to 9 in the night. Eventually, we were faced with challenges, challenges i didn’t recognize then, but do now.
My father drove an old 1982 Toyota. Slick, red and busted up tires got us from place to place. It got stolen on a snowy day and my father was very calm. My mother, on the other hand, was explosive. It was very challenging not having a car because we had to take the city bus everywhere we   went. To make it more difficult, my parents never had time, my mother was a full time student at Uconn, and my father was a part time student and had a job as well. Looking back at it, I don’t know how they managed....


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