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The Great Gatsby in a Different Light

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The Great Gatsby in a Different Light
  Over time, colours come to be associated with ideas or emotional states or even our personalities. Colour symbolism may vary from person to person, or from culture to culture. For example red often symbolizes love while black symbolizes sorrow, and sadness. Artists use colors to paint paintings on their canvas as the author of “The Great Gatsby,” Scott Fitzgerald, paints symbolic paintings. His words are the paint and the page is his canvas. The different colours he uses to paint his canvas shows the variety kinds of personalities of the characters and the deep emotion he shows throughout the book. Daisy’s exterior is seen as white, which can represent purity, innocence and goodness, but is also yellow; which therefore represents her rotten, selfish, indecisive and inconsiderate self. This is the make-up of the actual daisy flower. Tom Buchanan can be represented as yellow as well because he is also selfish, and inconsiderate. Grey is shown to represent the valley of ashes; which represents the hopelessness of no future and no hope. Through the use of the colours white, grey and yellow, the characters and places in the Great Gatsby are uniquely portrayed to show the truth behind their misleading appearances. This is heightened through the use of repetition and the negative or positive diction associated when these colours as mentioned throughout the book.
  Daisy is seen to be wearing a lot of white throughout the book. Moreover, white represents purity and innocence.   She is shown to be innocent on the surface because of how she dresses but in reality she is yellow rotten, selfish, indecisive and inconsiderate because she does not care for her family and friends. The actual daisy flower has white petals and a yellow centre, this therefore represents the personality and character of Daisy. In the first chapter of the novel, Nick goes to East Egg to visit Daisy, and first meets her sitting on a couch wearing a white dress....


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