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What Education Needs Is More F's

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WRIT 2000
Instructor: Dr. Ryan Crawford
Student: Georgios Chrelias ID# 4058995
Single-Source Essay (Revision)

According to Carl Singleton, author of the article ‘’What Our Education System Needs Is More F’s’’, the solution for improving the quality of the American education system is ‘’…not more money or better teaching but simply a widespread giving of F’s.’’ (C. Singleton). He states that it only students who have a good grasp of the material taught should be allowed to pass and the rest should not pass. C. Singleton points out that this is due to school that have   added to ignorance on a massive scale issuing passing grades unfairly in the last 20 years , therefore leading to college students who need to take make up classes due to lack of basic skills in the areas of reading, writing and mathematics.
Therefore by giving out failing grades, parents would have to actively get involved in their children’s academic life instead of allowing too many liberties to their children while they themselves remain indifferent, according to the author. This passing out of ‘’F’s’’ should ‘’…force principals, school boards, and voters to come to terms with cost as a factor in improving our educational system.’’, thus leading to more money being spent to keep students at a level in their education, passing them only when they are ready.
Carl Singleton specifies that his given solution of passing out failing grades to students will not solve the entirety of problems found in the American education system but unless the students who deserve to fail are not failed his other suggestions will have no great effect in the improvement of education.
The author’s principles in the article are mostly based on his point that educational standards have been lowered in a way that leads to sub-standard teaching and thus sub-standard students and graduates. He implies that due to the fact that there is no fair method of grading due to apathy from both teachers and...


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