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‘Mexico Considers Soda Pop Tax’

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Mexico Considers Soda Pop Tax

        As far as I understood, the soft drink tax and also the taxes on junk food belong to the group of indirect taxes (the so called “invisible” taxes). In other words, a government (or in the case of Mexico – rather people who stand behind the government and they, these people, maybe are not only Mexicans) uses a suitable pretext (the more humane looks this pretext, the better) to raise money from its people. But here the word “raise” is better to be replaced by the word “squeeze”, because as explained in an article that can be read on the Internet (“Mexicans find proposed tax on soda hard to swallow” by David Argen, Special for USA TODAY), “the federal government expect to collect approximately $ 1 billion through the initiative, largely from those who don’t pay taxes: the poor and the nearly 60% of population who work in the informal economy. But federal officials insist it is for public health goals, too”.
          The carbon tax is completely analogous. Justify it with environmental pollution, with global worming (here the things are really controversial and totally complex – month or two ago a Bulgarian scientist, meteorologist said on one of our TV programs that scientists around the world are unanimous that global warming has stopped, temperatures are dropping and we can expect global cooling. A little later again on television, it became clear that other scientists say the opposite – i.e. we are warming. Really, I wish to do my own research!), but the goal is still the same – to somehow justify a new tax burden. If the plan succeeds in one country, the tax ideologues are happy – but I think that things are centralized. This is the way to collect money for the spectacular “fireworks” as the Arab Spring and as what is currently happening in Syria. And other things like these, that are planned to take place in the future. Call this the hard way of progress of humanity, but I really can imagine (from my personal...


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