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Meaningful Pregnancy

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Meaningful Pregnancy
 In this world we live in, experiencing the birth of a child is beyond any emotional understanding. We crave the excitement and milestones that are set from each passing day for nearly ten months until that child graces our presence away from the womb. Envisioning a perfect world with a perfect pregnancy is what many people live for, sharing their love and building a life that will once touch the lives of others. No one is ever prepared for trouble, no one is ever prepared for fear and no one is ever prepared for what God's plan is. We are prepared only to take what God has given to us and make it better through faith, hope and love.
In January 2010, my husband & I brought a souvenir home from our Christmas vacation. Her name was to be Sherina Rose. It is actually unplanned pregnancy because I am to start a new job in a private hospital as Internal auditor. But then, we thought that it was a great blessing from the Lord, that's why we are very excited for our upcoming baby. Several months in to my pregnancy, I attended a routinely pre natal check up. I did all my doctor's advice...drink a lot of water, take on time her prescribed vitamins and special milk supplement, take a complete 8-hour sleep, avoid drinks & foods w/ caffeine, keep away from smoke and eat healthy,etc. My husband is so caring and very supportive of me. My 2nd pregnancy, was, just like my 1st, a great and happy experience for me.
It was until on first week of May that my obgyne told me that the baby was too small for 21 weeks fetus. She then give me another kind of vitamins rich in protein to improve the size of the baby inside, which I took for 2months.Before the month of May ended, I had this severe palpitations that caused me to be rushed in the hospital one midnight. I consulted an Internist to know if I have a heart problem. He then told me that I need to undergo ECG and 2D echo for us to confirm. My ECG shows diffuse and wave inversions, however my 2D echo...


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