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People Are the Causes of Climate Change

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People are the causes of climate change and its influence on health.
  Nowadays, in this modern world of rapid changes, climate changes were caused by human activities. Driving cars, overusing of carbon dioxide and anything that involves burning carbon-based fuels and emitting greenhouse gases have resulted in adverse effects for human health.  As scientist say, average temperatures, sea levels and rainfall patterns are expected to increase n the next hundred years.
  To begin with, most of the warming of the past half century has been caused by human emissions of greenhouse gases.  Greenhouse gases come from a variety of human activities: burning fossil fuels for energy, clearing forests, fertilizing crops and producing heat in industrial factories.   All those ramifications lead to dangerous climatic conditions such as affected supply of fresh water or water-borne diseases. People might get diarrheal diseases because of contaminated water. Apart from water issue, there is malaria, one of the most popular illnesses, is also influenced by climate.   Special mosquitoes, called Anopheles, transmit malaria and kill 1 million children every year. In addition, greenhouse gas emissions are not the only way that people can change the climate, like activities such as agriculture can change the Earth's surface, leading to global warming or cooling. It can be also resulted in depletion of the ozone layer. Apart from that, the industrial activities have raised atmospheric carbon dioxide levels.
  Nevertheless, causes of global warming might be controversial and not necessarily caused by human activities every time. The earth’s climate is influenced and changed through natural causes like volcanic eruptions, ocean current and the earth’s orbital change. In terms of the climate changes, these factors influence on the amount of heat and rising temperature. Volcanic eruptions have long-term effects on climate. 
  In conclusion, I think that climate changes were caused by...


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