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Cocert Report at a&M

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On Monday December 2, 2013 at 7:00 pm the Department of Performance Studies at the University of ATM preformed about four different pieces for each student. The program included these pieces Douze Etude Pour Guitare: Etude No.1 in E Minor and Etude No.2 A Major, Cuartas Lecciones Para Guitarra: Etude 13, Suite Espanola OP. 47: Asturias. It also included le Rossignal, Romanza, Pavana No.1, Yesterday and Tico- Tico No Fuba. It was directed by Dr. Issac Bustos and the two preforming soloist are Ross Phillips and Manuel Rodriguez. Although I was impressed by the talent of the students whole concert, the last half left a bigger impression on me. This report will be mostly based on the second half because plenty of pieces were played in the first half.

      The second half of the performance was opened with Ross Phillips performing from Douze Etude Pour Guitare: Etude No.1 in E Minor. The piece began with a fast pace but was played quietly. The melody picks up and makes the song its equal fast pace but sounding louder. The pace became faster and the texture became more intense with a peaceful trance. Etude No.2 in A Major the tempo to this performance is also fast pace like the last work of Hector Villa-Lobos it has the same like melody but at a faster pace and sounding to it.

        After that piece Phillips played Etude 13 by Julio Sagreras. The melody of this piece is at a rather slow pace, sounding like a lullaby. It had a very beautiful and slow texture to it. The audience seemed to be really moved by this piece. Also after that piece Suite Espanola Op. 47: Asturias by Issac Albeniz, this piece was very beautiful and one of my favorites from that night. The melody was very peaceful and soothing the pace was at an average level and just fit perfectly.

          Once Phillips was finished the next performer was Manuel Rodrigues his first performance was Le Rossignol   and Romanza. The piece Romanza has a very beautiful melody. you can really grasp that the...


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