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What Is the Sociological Imagination?

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What is the Sociological Imagination?
Sociological Imagination by C. Wright Mills (1959) states how most people feel trapped in their everyday lives.   We all have a part in history and continue in the changing of society as a whole.   Sociological Imagination is how we perceive ourselves in society and how modern society forms many different types of men and women and how we contribute to culture.   Most of us are concerned about what we want and not what we need, not about the public problems like war and unemployment.   Unemployment only used to affect a small number of people so it didn’t affect society that much but now that the unemployment rate is increasingly bigger, it is affecting society and everyone in it.   We live in a capitalism economy because it seems to be the best way our economy can function.   One person does not affect society but society affects that one person.  
A man who is a lawyer and is covered with tattoos, head to toe, could be at home in shorts and a shirt freely showing off his works of art, but once he has to go to work, he must cover them up with a suit because tattoos are not accepted by many in our society and he may look unprofessional to some.   People would judge him on his tattoos and he could lose prospective clients.   We are not born knowing the social rules, they take time to learn understand what you should and shouldn't do.


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