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Common Ground Between Islam and Christianity

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Common Ground between Islam and Christianity
September 2013
Hassibullah Roshan

Islam; Christianity; Muhammad; Jesus; Qur’an; Bible; religion; history; religious practice; religious education; commonalities; prophets; acceptance; social relations

The research paper underlines a number of key similarities between Christianity and Islam. It focuses on the concepts of shared principles, ethics, pro-social values, practices, beliefs and other essential factors that constitute the essence of these two religions. It also discusses the role of Jesus and Prophet Muhammad as the founders of Christianity and Islam, and religious notion of being appointed by God.

The religious conflicts and disputes between Islam and Christianity have perpetually received a significant amount of attention while less emphasis has been put to accentuate their similarities that could possibly result in the reduction of misconception (Kleven, 2013). This research is conducted with an objective to highlight their common ground in an effort to bridge gaps between Muslims and Christians. The research analysis will provide an answer to the following question: What are some major similarities between Christianity and Islam?

An internet-based archival analysis research method was used to thoroughly access and analyze the sources for finding answers to the research question. To increase the authenticity of measures, research data were collected and synthesized from academic journals using Google Scholar, J-store, E-brary, and Ebscohost services. They were prepared based on the procedure outlined in class by the professor.  

Literature Review/Findings
A strong connection was found between the founders of these two religions, Jesus and Prophet Muhammad. They both trace their roots to Abraham (Knitter, 2009). In addition, Islam and Christianity equally support the idea of one ultimate supreme God (D'Costa, 2013), believe in the day of...


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