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The Brief Introduction of Overflow Type Ball Mill

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The advantage of overflow type Ball Mill are that it’s simple structures and easy to maintain. As the outlet pipe has reverse threads inside, large ores and steel balls are not easy to be discharged outside. The disadvantage is that it’s low production capacity per unit volume and as a result, it has low processed volume and easy to have over-crushing.

Regardless of the type of mill, we call it as gravel crushing mill which crushing material use siliceous gravel for media. The ceramic ball is not commonly used except some particular situation. The machine is often used for grinding cyanide treatment of gold ore, because in this process, the iron which produced by iron ball and liner lapped each other is harmful. In that case, using ceramic liner or embedded gravel regular in cement of the mill’s interior. The machine is mainly used for grinding mineral ore which is afraid of iron pollution and processing gold and silver ore. Gradually in recent years, the ceramic ball machine has large development and application. As a leading enterprise of mining machinery manufacturer of China, our company has strong technical force and powerful production capacity and can produce aggregate crushing, cement equipments, chute feeder, compound cone crusher, flotation machine, etc.

The advantages of grate type ball mill are that it can discharge the minerals outside quickly to ease the over-crushing. Meanwhile, it can increase the output per unit volume. It has higher yields in unit volume than overflow type one. The disadvantage is that it has complicated structure, which is easy to block the grate plate in discharging and that it is difficult to inspect in maintenance, and has low operation rate. Rotating disc in the drive this type of mill spindle are vertical, so it is said 'vertical shaft mill'.Spindle speed range between the low-speed grinding and high-speed mill, medium speed coal mill will be hence the name.

rod grinding mill:...


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