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What Is Sociology?

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There a lot myths surrounding the true study of sociology with most people giving a bemused eyebrow raise when you tell that you are a sociology student. For most sociology seems to have an air of ambiguity that doesn’t seem to fit into a neat little box and assume because it is an ‘ology’ that it must be at least important. First of all you need to get rid of the myths and those are that it is the study of social work, social policy or generally making the world a better place; however it is key to these areas but not exclusive to them. The most damaging myth is that the study of sociology is an easy option and the true reflection is that is an intellectually demanding subject with rich academic history that offers students a rewarding an enjoyable study experience. Put simply sociology is the academic study of the way in which we live in society as individuals and in groups and how society shapes the individual or vice versa.
Sociology is easier divided into two strands: the theoretical and the empirical.   The theoretical being statements about how and why particular facts relate to the way society work. These theories are often non-objective and based on assumptions and propositions. The empirical on the other hand lends a more tangible side to sociology where it is objective and looks for patterns and events that explain how society works.
The study of sociology will challenge your individual beliefs and views and open your mind to new and fascinating ideas about how society works. It will develop your eye to evaluate data, statistics and recognise good evidence. Whilst also improving your communication and analytical skills in everyday scenarios from TV programmes to political speeches.
In essence the study of sociology is a long term commitment that will envelop your everyday thinking and fundamentally change the way you interpret and interact with the world.


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