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Ancient Philosophers

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Aristotle said, “Man by nature desires to know.” The great philosophers like, Plato and Socrates, provided us the foundation to gain necessary information in an organized manner. Socrates himself established what is known as the “Socratic method” which is form of question and answers and discussion, similar to forum or debate. In the “Socratic Method” individuals sit between themselves and ask and answer questions; this done to stimulate critical thinking and to bring about more ideas as they develop.
The Socratic Method is considered a more positive method of question elimination to an answer; where questions are eliminated by process of elimination. Each time an answer doesn’t seem to fit a question then that particular question is deleted and pushed aside and the next question is brought up.   The simplest form of the Socratic Method is the test and answers that a student is introduced during their scholastic career. This is intended to assist the student in discovering their beliefs about a particular topic and simple logic about a particular subject.
The Ancient Greek Philosophers established the importance of a liberal arts foundation which in their mind is to educate the citizens of the society; they wanted the citizens to gain knowledge; they philosophers also wanted individuals to feed off each other’s ideas and perspectives about books, music, arts, etc.   The Ancient Greek Philosophers also desired that teachers remained humble and are always on the path of enlightenment.
The Philosophy of Education is a field of applied philosophy that examines

the aims, forms, methods, and results of education as both a process and a field of study. It is influenced by developments within philosophy, especially questions of ethics and epistemology, and by concerns arising from instructional practice. The subject is often taught within a department or the college of education, rather than with a philosophy department. Philosophical treatments of education date...


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