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Maintenance of Jaw Crusher

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Maintenance of Jaw Crusher

The maintenance of the jaw crusher included the lubrication and maintain,Often pay attention to and timely well. The friction surface of lubrication work, to ensure the normal operation of the machine and service life extension.The maintenance of the jaw crusher need to be pay attention in renewal part,maintenance routine and make the record of the maintenance.Crushing harder materials, Equipment wear and tear appear more obvious, so, for jaw crusher often worn components (jaw plate, bracket, etc ), to establish detailed life testing, do to the operation of equipment limit know fairly well.

Jaw crusher in confirm crushing cavity after no material can open crusher,the order in the whole sand making production line is dust collect(select use),transport car,jaw crusher,iout feeder,vibrating feeder and so on.To prevent steel goods or parts fall into the crushing cavity, conditional, the vibrating feeder detection after installation Measuring deferrization device.Adjust feeding machine for shoes, from small to large increase gradually,General should be controlled in the material Broken cavity of the height of the crushing cavity height 4/5,It should also be noted that feed particle size maximum not more than feed port Width of the four 5, feed particle size continuous uniform, jaw crusher to normal play the best efficiency.
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Manufacturer:Zhengzhou Great Wall Heavy Industry Machinery Co., Ltd.
Address:Crossroad of Jiangshan Road and Kaiyuan Road towards West, Huiji District, Zhengzhou City, China


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