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Video Content Analysis, what is it and why would I want it?
White Paper by Nick Hewitson November 2005.

What is Video Content Analysis?
There are a number of terms used in different industries and markets to describe Video Content Analysis: Analytics
Behavior   Recognition Content Analysis Concept Coding Intelligent Video Object Tracking Smart CCTV

They all however describe the real time use of computer vision in a security environment to monitor the CCTV camera feeds and assist the guard in his or her decision making process.

The UK is the country with the most CCTV cameras deployed, with over 4 million in use. It’s claimed that if you walk through London you will be watched over 300 times, however this is clearly a misconception. While it is probably true that you will be in the field of view of a CCTV camera over 300 times during your walk through London it is certainly not true that you are observed that many times for number of reasons.

Firstly CCTV control rooms have fewer monitors than there are cameras, in many cases a number of cameras are sequentially displayed on a single monitor. If for example five cameras are fed into a single monitor which then you obviously have only a 20% chance of being viewed while in any individual cameras field of vi ew.

Secondly the staff in the control room are often expected to deal with other issues as well as monitoring the CCTV. They will be responsible for issuing keys, badges and permits to both staff and visitors; they are also responsible   for monitoring the access control and fire alarm systems, controlling radio communications with both their own foot patrols and possibly the local Police. In addition they will need to be away from their desks for breaks to visit the restrooms etc. During this time they are not monitoring the CCTV images.

Finally the design of CCTV control rooms expects the guard to watch a large number of monitors. According to   ASIS International, a human can effectively watch...


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