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Beowulf Literary Analysis

    According to the dictionary a hero is "a man of distinguished courage or ability, admired for his brave deeds and noble qualities." But who determines who is or isn't a hero? Who says that one person is better than another? In the novel, Beowulf is considered, to some, an ideal hero/king. Beowulf is an ideal hero or king because he abides to the Anglo Saxon code, and fits the characteristics of a natural hero. Beowulf portrays his extreme heroism during the fight with Grendel, the slaying of the dragon, and his loyalty to his men.
    When Beowulf offers to fight Grendel, a monster of Cain, the likelihood of his survival is questioned. So many of the Danes members have already fallen against the monsters wrath before, that Beowulf may not stand a chance. Then, Beowulf surprises all of the Danes and even his own men when he takes off all of his armor and puts away his weapons, and says he's stronger than the monster with no procreation or tools. On page 47 line 676 it says, "'when it comes to fighting, I count myself as dangerous any day as Grendel... No weapons, therefor, for either this night: unarmed he shall face me if face me he dares...'" In this quote he shows his massive bravery and courage-both things that a hero and king must have.
    Along with courage and bravery, a hero must have compassion or the willingness to risk one's life so save another. When Beowulf battles against the fire-breathing dragon, the chance that he could survive has diminished greatly. Beowulf, knowing that he most likely is going to die in this battle, doesn't turn away. He stays and fights the dragon, actually killing it just before passing away himself from the poison from the dragon. Beowulf doesn't want to leave the burden of a dragon to the Danes or his kinsmen. He protects the people that he vowed to lead when the crown was placed on his head. On page 171 on line 2529 Beowulf says, "'Men in arms, remain here on the barrow, safe in your...


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