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Macbeth play all is covered with ambitious which it   role the whole play . From the beginning until the end of the play Macbeth ambitious caused lots of problem, especially for Macbeth and lady Macbeth, which ends with tragedy.When lady Macbeth recived a letter from Macbeth and informed her about witched prophecy that he might become a king of cowodor, a dirty pland came to her mind . the play start with her dirty decision, killing king Duncan.   ( influence)(power hungry)she has to push his hausband to act on her behalf. She is a victim of her own ambitions.   to cover up his pervious wrong action                                                                                                                                                                             this Lady Macbeth ambition to gain power is very strong. When she received a letter from Macbeth she becomes more ambitions. For example, in Act 1 Scene 2 she says “ Come you spirits that tend on mortal thoughts, unsex me here and fill me from the crown to the toe topfull of direst cruelty: make thick my blood, stop up th’ access and passage to remorse that no compunctious visitings of nature shake my fell purpose nor keep pease between th’ effect and it. Come to my woman’s breasts and take my milk for gall, you murd’ring ministers, wherever in your sightless substances you wait on nature’s mischief. She is almost unhappy with her gender ,so She calls spirits of murder to come and take her femininity , kindness, beauty and everything that connect her to the feminine nature. “Fill me with cruelty” she wants to be cruel, this what she needs to be able to kill the king , also she says come to me murdering minister and take my milk for gall or make my milk poison. She wants to have power and in Shakespeare time the only way a woman could gain a power was through her husband.  
UnlikeLady Macbeth, Macbeth at the beginning of the play is not ambitious . he is loyal to the king and it is hard for him to kill...


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