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Several Aspects of the Ball Mill Operation Which Should Be Noted

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( 1 ) when the closed-circuit grinding , there should be proper production practice shows cyclic loading , mill within a certain range of productivity increases with the increase of sand back ratio , return sand than in the larger conditions , classification efficiency of fluctuations affect the productivity of the mill small . When the return sand ratio is too small , then not reveal the superiority of closed-circuit grinding . Therefore, an appropriate increase the return sand ratio is good. Typically the amount of sand back rod mill smaller than the ball , it is because the media rod mill unit volume gap is small, less accommodating materials.

  When slightly higher ( 2 ) the speed of the mill speed should be controlled properly , although you can get higher productivity. However, due to the relative motion increases , and grinding media with greater energy, so the material is too easy smash . For example, a plant of the rod mill speed of 27 rev / min to 29.7 rev / min later, productivity increased by 3.7% ; , but less than 19 micro- grain level of yield from 10.64% to 14.73% , corresponding metal possession rate from 3.18% to 4.57% .

  ( 3 ) the system must be reasonable ball ball ball system , including quality (density , hardness , wear resistance ) , ball size , ball filling rate and reasonable additional and so on. When high density and large diameter steel ball drop impact force, a large ball of hardness , wear resistance is strong grinding stripping . Therefore, the coarse ore hard and requires high density and a large ball diameter . However, in order to effectively grind fine mineral particles and increase the number of strikes per unit time ball and the need for smaller diameter steel balls. Filling rate is fixed, the smaller the diameter of the ball , the more the number of the ball , hit the number per unit time is also the more . Filling rate increases , increasing the number of balls , thus increasing the grinding effect. It is advantageous...


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