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School-Aged Children

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Narrative Essay

Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to fulfill your life long dreams? I sure have, but I also start to think of the many things in life that will try and hold you back from your achieving your goals and dreams, but you have to work towards them every day. Trying to achieve your dreams in life can be difficult, your life may take many turns and but you have to prove to yourself and peers you won’t give up. There are many ways to help yourself achieve goals and dreams, you just have to figure out which way is best for you.

There are so many ways in life that will help you reach your dreams and goals. I have recently started a Story board, which consist’ of pictures and words that will inspire me to work towards my dreams every day. I got this idea from the story “The Top Ten Best Ideas For Setting Goals,” this really influenced me because my story board is set up in my room where I can see it every morning when I wake up, and when I got to bed. The movie “The Pursuit of Happyness” made me really think of how you need to work hard every day for not just yourself but your family as well. Chris Gardiner, the main character hit his lowest point in life but he kept going to reach his dream of being a stockbroker. He eventually became a stockbroker for this big company and made a name for himself. These are total different ideas but they both influence you to follow your dreams and if you work hard enough and prove yourself you can do it.

Every child believes they can become anything they want when they are younger, such as super heroes, or ballerinas. The truth is, most of those dreams won’t come true, and the children realize as they get older what they really want to become. When I was younger my dream was to be a babysitter. That’s all I ever talked about. As I got older around the age of fourteen I began to watch reality shows, such as Laguna Beach and The Hills. Lauren Conrad, the main character had the best life. She moved to...


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