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Papacy Phenomenon

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Papacy phenomenon
Rise and fall
Prince George, BC, Canada
Prince George, BC, Canada

Course: INTS 310 Origins and Evolution of International Studies
                  Instructor Name: Ken Wilkening
                                        Student Name: Sidorov Innokentii


In this research essay, I am going to analyze the significant role of papacy in political history of Europe. Determinative role of Christian religion and church in every sphere of social and cultural life was a principal feature of European medieval culture. The Church subordinated to itself politics, morality, science, education and art. All world outlook of the medieval man was theological. Special place in this period was taken by Papacy. During the middle ages the Papacy was struggling for power with temporal authorities emperors, kings, princes and became the most powerful authority in Europe. The Catholic Church turned into the sub territorial, pan-European monarchy with its political, financial, diplomatic, judicial authorities. During the feudal fragmentation, the Catholic Church was the most stable institution of feudal society and they were the biggest and the richest feudal lords in Europe. Popes had the power to crown and dethrone emperors and kings. What were the reasons of such rise and supremacy of the papacy?
At all times Popes played very astute and farseeing political game they used all their means to get a benefit and power. The papacy in few centuries managed to bring Roman Catholic Church out of Byzantine Emperor’s control. They developed relations with barbarian kings turning them to Christianity. Popes used their spiritual power to crown barbarian kings thereby got military protection and support. And with the lapse of time those kings turned as Popes vassals and papacy got besides spiritual power also temporal power. Another strong reason was their formulation...


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