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Thank you for completing the Measure of Entrepreneurial Tendencies and Abilities (META).
The test was developed to assess your entrepreneurial potential. This report provides feedback on four core dimensions of entrepreneurship, namely:

The ability to generate innovative business ideas

The tendency to spot new business opportunities

the ability to be strategic and see the bigger picture

the energy and willingness to get stuff done straight away

Your score
Your score on each dimension is graphically depicted and normed in relation to a unique archive containing data for thousands of UKand US-representative adults. This database includes robust performance criteria for hundreds of jobs and a wide range of industries (comprising both intrapreneurs and entrepreneurs). The report also provides a total score, which reflects your overall entrepreneurial potential. The higher your score is, the more willing and able you will be to pursue successful entrepreneurial activities.

How to use this report
For each dimension of your entrepreneurial profile, the report includes a summary of your main strengths and weaknesses. The feedback provided should be a useful tool to improve your insight into your entrepreneurial potential. It will tell you how your profile may relate to different work-related activities, and what your potential for business innovation is. Because different occupations require a different personal skill-set, the report can also be used to inform decisions about staffing and talent management, notably personnel selection, career change, and development.

Your total META score
Your total Meta score - which reflects your overall entrepreneurial potential – is 3. This score means that your entrepreneurial potential is low.

Your overall META score is not the average of the four META facets, although it does take these into account. The table below shows your scores for each...


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