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My First Time on a Scary Ride

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My First Time On A Scary Ride

  Shouting, screaming, yelling.... It struck me when I recalled my first time on a scary ride. Though lots of people are afraid of being weightless, they are attracted by the excitement that rollercoaster brings them.

  When I was 12 years old, I went to Happy Valley in Shenzhen with my classmates. Standing under the rollercoaster, I was shocked. The long and big dragon was saving his power at the starting. When the bell rang, it roared and slowly moved forward, which was like a fierce lion finding his prey in a prairie and ready to capture it.

  I could not wait to sit in the rollercoaster. I have had mental preparation that it would be terrifying and exciting, but when I was put into the real situation, I was scared to death.

  The giant dragon was climbing a mountain. It seemed that a heavy object was dragging me to the ground. I could not open my eyes, for I was afraid of seeing something terrible. Slowly, I felt that the dragon had climbed to the climax and the speed had slowed down. I released. Suddenly, it dashed from top to bottom. Oh, my god! I was jumping from a building. I could not feel my seat, but why was I still sitting on it? My heart was beating and beating and beating.... Would I stop breathing next moment? Up and down, the dragon twisted its way moving forward. It almost threw me out of my seat.

  When I came out of the rollercoaster, I swore that I would not play it anymore, for I cherish my precious life.


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