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Iagos Manipulation

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20) Othello means by "it is the cause, it is the cause, my soul" that although he feels guilty because Desdemona has done such a terrible thing it is rational to kill her. He makes it not as bad because she cheated on him and that unfaithfulness makes the murder okay. Iago says that he brought up the idea of Desdemona's affair and it was Othello who believed it and evaluated more on it. He makes it sound as though it was Othello who investigated more on the situation and he figured out it was true. Iago in this case is right but he encouraged Othello to look more into the affair and Iago threw out more and more reasons why it could be true. Iago also set up traps in the right moment to make Othellos suspicions seem to be more valid. Iago knows now that whatever he says will make things worse. If he tells the truth they'll hate him for it and if he lies they'll know and punish him even more for lying. Whatever Iago says he will only add more sadistic things or confessions that will heat up the characters even more.
  Emilia finally stands her ground and sticks up to what she believes in. She no longer is Iagos puppet and dying for attention. She's finally grown a mind of her own and is willing to rat her husband out for Desdemona. She confronts Othello about all the evil Iago has done and no longer cares for Iagos feelings. For being honest and truthful Emilia has satisfied herself but also paid a huge price by Iago and gets murdered.I disagree with this statement by Salman Rushide. I believe that Othello really did love Desedemona so much that when he figured out she's done such a terrible thing he can't handle it. He becomes so hurt inside once he realizes his one true love doesn't feel the same way and is an unfaithful whore. With this realization he begins to have seizures and can't ever think straight. His heart is so broken he can't think of another way to mend it. He has to kill Desdemona bescause he can no longer bear the beauty and betrayal every time he...


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