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Business Communication

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Describe the Goals of Business Communicator in Delivering Bad News

Communication is a medium to make environment alive and expressions are the tool to retain them. Express via words or emotions gives an impression that the people are important. It not only creates bonding but produces lifelong trust of not being hurt and betrayed. Needs of effective communication lies in our daily lives whether amongst friends, family members, clients or at office, the way of it differs accordingly.
Business communication is required as they are the best, economical and effective way to retain the data and documents. Every employee has to communicate whether in down-ward flow, up-ward flow or horizontal. The employees who can deliver in best way and makes receiver understand the message is a good business communicator. When at work many times employee faces some different situations. Handling a favorable one with effective communication is far easier than facing and dealing with a un-favorable / awkward / bad news. Revealing a bad news in an acceptable way becomes need of time at that moment.
Bad news are the words that do not pleases hearing. No one is ever ready to hear it nor do they want to accept it. This not only makes people unhappy but at times people goes in shock and have to face serious medical issues. The bad news communicate in all direction, it could be a boss asking you to resign, a doctor revealing death of a family member or a worker informing you that while he was on his way he lost your iphone. The art of delivery lies in 4 ways.
  * The calm and humble attitude of informer.
  * The clear message.
  * Privacy.
  * Receiver should understand completely.

In business world a business communicator needs to follow goals for delivering bad news. As it lasts an impact on receiver so it has to be clear, honest and humble. Before delivering bad news a communicator should fell the situation by him and feel the empathy. Empathizing is a main...


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