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Using material from item 2B and elsewhere assess the view that the nuclear family is no longer the norm.
A nuclear family is a type of family which is like a ‘cereal packet’ and includes, married parents and two children whom would be all related biologically. The husband within a nuclear family would usually be the breadwinner and the wife would be the one to stay at home as she would have to do the housework and care for the children. This is supported by the New Right as they believe that the nuclear family is still the norm.
The new right have a conservative approach and have a preference for the traditional family which is also known as the nuclear family as they believe that type of family is the ideal family structure which consists of married heterosexual couples and two children within their family unit. Furthermore, the new right are critical of a lot of the contemporary trends and other types of family units as they believe that they have undermined the ideal family structure. The new right are highly critical of single parent families as they think it’s an expensive family unit that is dependent on benefits, dysfunctional and reflect a lack of moral responsibilities.
However, Feminists also argue that the functionalist view of the expressive and instrumental roles as natural are in fact socially constructed. Feminists also disagree with Murdoch's idea that the nuclear family is natural, believing that there is no preferable family structure and encourage family diversity. Feminists would argue that the functionalist view of the family encourages oppression of women.


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