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Old Yeller

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Entry 1:

Yesterday Papa left to go to the cattle market in Abilene Kansas. Me, my little brother Arliss, and Mama had been upset about him leaving. I’m fourteen so Pa says I can take care of the place while he’s gone, and I agree. I know how to hunt and control everything that goes on. Today, something caught me by surprise. It all started when Mama told me to go out to the dog run and cut down a side of middling meat hanging to the pole rafters. When I first opened the door I noticed all the meat was gone. I looked down and saw a dog getting up off the ground that he was just laying on. He was a ugly slick-haired yeller dog with a stub for tail, a chewed off ear, and he looked so starved even though his belly looked as if it was swelled up as tight around a pumpkin. This dog is not someone I want to keep all he will be is trouble and trouble would just make my life harder especially with Pa gone.

Entry 2:

I know I said this stray dog would be a bad contribute to the family and that all he would cause is trouble but this dog is stronger and more loyal than I thought he would be. Earlier today Arliss was holding a small baby bear he caught when the mama bear came running I couldn’t get there in time nobody could. When I thought it would be the end of Arliss Old Yeller showed up and saved him. Later on today Bud Searcy who is not tough enough to go to the cattle market stays in the settlement to make sure everyone is doing okay came over and told me about a disease. A disease is going around called hydrophobia and it might start to spread around.

Entry 3:

I have started to bring Old Yeller with me hunting. Yesterday we went hunting for wild boars. One attacked me but then Old Yeller went to fight them off while I could run. It looked as if they were eating him alive. My leg got a bad scratch and I could barley walk. I went back home to get Mama to help me with Old Yeller. He looked so hurt I didn’t know what to do back there. Old Yeller and I heal...


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