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Production Process of Limestone

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Limestone is a non-metallic minerals , mainly distributed in China, Guizhou, Sichuan, Yunnan and other regions, are widely used in glass, cement, metallurgy, paper, rubber, paint, coatings , pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, animal feed, seal, stick knot, polishing and other industrial products and industrial production, is a very important industrial mineral raw materials and supplies. We know that the limestone is widely used,we will come curious limestone, production process of limestone like? Today we'll take a closer look with these problems.
We will limestone production process is divided into three steps:
First, limestone mining: Limestone is a sedimentary rock, mainly composed of calcite, calcium carbonate (CaCO3) components. Often contain a certain amount of limestone or siliceous silicon bone fragments and various clay, silt and sand size debris. Most gravel limestone and dolomite. It is mainly used for construction purposes, but also in large part to protect the coastline. In architecture, a mixture of crushed limestone used as concrete aggregate. When combined with limestone mixed together, to harden. Nearly 60 % of the limestone crushing asphalt concrete and aggregate used for highways. In recent years, all the broken Michigan limestone quarry open. Limestone mining drilling and blasting is necessary.
The second is the limestone crushing: Limestone crushing process is the first major program of limestone material drying, crushing equipment into the next. The ratio of the maximum block size, feed particle size and the ultimate product is called reducing the proportion of the broken system. It directly affects the choice of grading and crushing equipment crusher. Finally, limestone flour: For limestone grinding equipment, grinding cycle activities throughout the system uses the system. Also, you can choose to separate as required. Crushed limestone crusher, grinding material is separated and discharged in a powder grinding equipment to hoist high...


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