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Is Media Losing Its Credibility?

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• "In their pursuit to show a Shining India, millions of poor, deprived and marginalised people are invariably ignored by the media,"
• In the 2012 campaign the mainstream media is still shamefully doing the bidding of the Obama administration.
• For more than two weeks the mainstream media was an accomplice in maintaining the false storyline of the Obama administration.
• “News today is a huge business, and media has arrived at a point where news has to be created, if it is not available. It has become a commodity where small things are blown out of proportion to create it.
• the time when the news of Mahatma Gandhi’s death had not been carried on the front page of a newspaper as it was filled with advertisements, he said, “it is the same thing now, in a different scenario.”
• “Social media has infected the world with a sickening virus called vanity.”
• Agreed, that running a news organisation by completely over-looking its financial and marketing aspects is nearly impossible these days. But at the same time, can the credibility of media be sacrificed at the alter of financial, political and marketing constraints? The answer to this question may decide the future course of media in the country.
• Most media these days is found peddling problems and only a very few talk of solutions. Positive is passed off as soft news stuff and negative as hard.
• Many are no longer interested to read the newspapers. When you asked readers the reason, the answers are always the same, “There is nothing interesting or educative in the newspaper these days.”


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