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Autopilot Magic v2

Since you are reading this I’m guessing you are in need of some money. With this method you are guaranteed to make bank, FAST! By following these simple and easy steps you should be selling in under 24 hours. ● Please read the WHOLE book before you start!
NOTE: I am NOT responsible for ANY of your actions. I do NOT condone scamming of ANY sort. Only YOU are responsible for yourself.

What you will need.
- Paypal account (verified highly recommended) - Ebay account (+rep always good) - At least $20 startup money (can be done without but highly recommended)

Getting Started
Assuming you already have your paypal and ebay account setup we can now get started.

It is preferred that you have positive sellers rep, this will attract more buyers and make it easier for you to sell more. If you do not have positive rep this can be obtained easily by buying cheap items for chinese sellers. Basically buying $1 items, make sure you pay right away and most of the time they will +rep you instantly.

Having sellers rep is a big part in this too, the more you have the more ebay will let you sell at a time. They also start you off with a $5,000 monthly limit which is usually reached very fast. The more you sell the without having any problems with the buyer the more they will let you sell per month. After a while they will remove all of your limits. Depending on how good of a seller you are.

Lets start listing!
When you are able to succesfully start listing your going to want to visit this website http://www. codestore.eu or www.Cheapkey4u.com I would reccomend starting off selling things like Windows 8 Pro. These sell EXTREMELY fast, the only downside is its not much of a profit. I would recommend you put it as a fixed listing between $35-55. The lower you list for the faster it will sell, but the lower your profit will be. Make sure you don’t list too many of these or ebay will get mad and remove them. You can also get suspended...


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