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Atmospheric Pollution

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Chapter 19 discusses atmospheric pollution. For this week's individual work, please write a 1-2 page paper (counting body text only, not title or reference pages) in double-spaced, one-inch margins on all sides. Please respond to the following:
  * What are the different types of air pollution?(refer to page 475 in your textbook).
  * How does each of these types of air pollution affect human health and the environment?
  * What some ways to control air pollution?

Please make sure all of your assignments:
  * Are written in paragraph form.
  * Double-spaced.
  * Use 12 point, Times New Roman font.
  * Include title & reference pages.
  * At least one full page of text to the body of your essay.
  * One-inch margins on all sides.
  * Include a reference list at the end of your essay.  That includes all web sites, journals, articles, etc., you used.
Please make sure you have not copied and pasted any information directly from any source; that is considered plagiarism.  There is no need to copy, or quote, anyone for this assignment.  It is to be a written summary reflecting your own thoughts of your reading & research on this topic.  However, you should include in your reference list the source of your reading & research.
Norayvis Paulin
Individual Work Week 9

What are the different types of air pollution?

Los diferentes tipos de contaminacion del aire son:

Los contaminantes primarios y los contaminantes segundarios; es debido a la contaminacion de gases y particulas finas; con efectos diferentes en el ambiente y la salud humana.

Los primarios son aquellos producto directo de la combustión y la evaporación   con efectos violentos sobre todo en la salud humana.

El dióxido de azufre (SO2 ) se produce   por la quema de combustible como el petróleo crudo y el carbón ,es un gas irritante que puede afectando pulmones garganta y nariz.Combinandose con agua forma el   ácido sulfúrico.

El oxido de nitrógeno...


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