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Dignity is a self enforced trait to act with good character despite wanting to allow pride or own reasoning in the way. In the play Othello by William Shakespeare, Othello, a man of honor, goes through a series of spiraling downfalls and emotional twist that lose him of that honor and dignity. However, once at his fall, Othello regains all dignity in his noble taking of responsibility to his mistakes.
  Othello is respected by many for his military expertise and honor.   Marrying in the middle of a war when he is greatly needed concerns the government he serves. However, Othello swears to not allow the distraction of love interfere with his work. For if “my disports corrupt and taint my business, let housewives make skillets of my helm.” Othello risks his reputation on a promise to not allow him to be tainted with love around. But in Act 11, Othello arrives late to the city of Cyprus. This military captain in the middle of war does not arrive concerned of the status of the war. The first matter Othello addresses is his sweet Desdemona. In front of everyone without a second thought, Othello expresses “ If I were now to die, t’ were now to be most happy; for I fear my soul hath her content so absolute, that not another comfort like this succeed in unknown fate.” A man of his power should be displaying strong, unemotional character ship but instead publicly expresses a private matter. This begins to show Othello’s weakness when it comes to Desdemona and anything involving her. Already, Othello’s feelings distract him of his duty.
  Othello unknowingly allows a deceitful Iago to enter his mind and spark his evil plan of revenge and satisfaction. Iago lures Othello’s attention by asking “Did Micheal Cassio, when you woo’d my lady, know of your love?” Othello, undoubting to his perfect Desdemona yet trusting to the “honest Iago” begins to want to know more and more to Iago’s question. Othello makes his first mistake by allowing Iago to be a part of his curiosity of...


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