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Literary Forms of Literature

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ENG125: Introduction to Literature (GSH1346A)
Title: Death and Impermanence
Instructor: Emily Benson
Student: Nicholas Kalonda

There’s a wealth of life changing experiences from the two stories chosen from the topic, death and permanence, namely, “A Father’s story ( Dubus) and “ I used to live here Once” (Rhys).These two literary works   would be the basis upon which this paper will be developed , comparing and contrasting their themes. Although each of these stories were written by different authors with no literal similarities, the two stories both portray similarities in theme and both share in similarities through the use of symbols. In all essence both stories give a glimpse of human life perplexities and the undying will to survive and overcome these life perplexities- though some may be resolved in one’s lifetime there are some other life perplexities that can only be attended to or resolved only in the passing of time if to include the passing of life itself of an individual.
In comparing the two literal works contained in, “A father’s story” (Dubus) and “I used to live here Once” (Rhys), the striking similarities of the two is revealed by the insidious undertone of a hanging cloud of gloom in characters in each story. In “A father’s story” the annunciation of the character opens with a melancholy personality, and carries on with a habitual gloomy state of mind, as the following extract would suggest.” My name is Luke Ripley, and here is what I call my life: I own a stable of thirty horses… I call this my home because it looks like it is, and people know I call it like that, but it is a life I can get away from…after dinner when I sit in the dark in front of room and listen to opera. The room faces the lawn and the road, a two- lane country road. When the cars come from around the curve northwest of the house, they light up the lawn for an instant, the leaves of the maple out of the hemlock closer to the window. Then I’m alone again, or I’d appear it...


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